As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

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Mind is always cunning,
Soul is always pure.
Mind is very caculative,
Soul is very innocent,
Mind always lies,
Soul knows the true,
Mind limits your world,
Soul knows no limits,
Mind controls your life,
Soul fuels your life,
Mind is alway at doubt,
Soul knows the path,
Mind needs love,
Soul radiates love,
Mind is always a begger,
Soul is always an emperor

..but still Mind always
wins the battles
and the Soul always remains
hidden within.

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In generosity and helping others,
be like a river…
In compassion and grace,
be like sun…
In concealing others’ faults,
be like night…
In anger and fury,
be like dead…
In modesty and humility,
be like earth…
In tolerance,
be like a sea…
Either exist as you are,
or be as you look.

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Identity of the world

    Mind is the origin of all things.
    Mind is the universal seed,
    Both samsara and nirvana spring forth from it.

    As is nirvana, so is samsara.
    Do not think there is any distinction.
    Yet it possesses no single nature
    For I know it as quite pure.

    Here there is no beginning, no middle, no end,
    Neither samsara nor nirvana.
    In this state of highest bliss
    There is neither self nor other.

    Whatever you see, that is it,
    In front, behind, in all the ten directions.

    One should not think of molecules or atoms;
    It is this supreme bliss that pours forth unceasingly as existence.

    Do not sit at home, do not go to the forest,
    But recognize mind wherever you are.
    When one abides in complete and perfect enlightenment,
    Where is samsara and where is nirvana ?

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Look and listen, touch and eat,
smell, wander, sit and stand,
Renounce the vanity of discussion,
Abandon thought and be not moved from singleness.
Abandon thought and be just like a child.

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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

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